Aggravation Of Pre-Existing Injuries

If you have a  pre-existing medical condition and have a workplace injury in the same location, you may be entitled to benefits regardless.

If a worker had a previous surgery to a body part and the strenuousness of a job caused a new injury, it is covered as a new accident.

These types of claims, however, tend to be complicated, time-consuming, and nothing you should handle without counsel. This is because insurance companies are looking out for their bottom lines and frequently try to deny these claims by stating that injured workers did not disclose previous conditions or were not fully honest or forthright. Only when employers can demonstrate that the worker did not disclose that he or she had previous injuries when asked, can they deny benefits. You need the best medical opinion and a tough litigation firm to ensure you are not denied benefits.

Because of these complex issues, it is important to understand all issues by partnering with a lawyer. Our team has worked on these types of injuries for years, and we are ready to advocate for you.

Woodstock Carpal Tunnel Attorney

The Mason Law Firm is ready to do everything possible to secure benefits if you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a pre-existing condition. This may include repetitive stress injuries resulting from tendon overuse that causes inflammation, pain and swelling, or any other job-related injury. The claims are difficult; and the result turns on several different factors including medical opinions, the honesty of the employee in disclosing the injury if asked at the time of employment, and the level of injury sustained.

Our firm provides the tough, skilled litigation team needed to win benefits.

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