Domestic Family Violence

Canton GA Domestic/Family Violence Lawyer

Spousal abuse and domestic violence increasing: According to the National Domestic Violence Hotline, there was a 21 percent increase in calls for domestic violence assistance in a recent one-year period. When the economy struggles, so do married couples and domestic partners. Most domestic violence charges are related to pulling hair and pushing or slapping  rather than assault and battery that make the headlines.

At The Mason Law Firm, LLC, we have experience with both the civil litigation and criminal charges that may be involved with a domestic violence incident. We represent either men or women who are either the complainant or the defendant.

We are a family-owned law firm that takes a holistic view of legal problems. This means that our attorneys seek to help couples reconcile whenever possible. Domestic violence is a charge that affects both spouses and any children living in the home. It is an important issue that should be handled delicately.

Georgia Domestic Abuse Lawyers

In many instances, when there is pushing and shoving at home and the police are called, the authorities would rather make an arrest than determine what actually happened. If the police are called, it is not unusual for someone to leave in handcuffs.

Our Canton domestic violence attorneys have criminal defense and family law experience with the full range of issues affecting spouses, domestic partners or housemates. These issues are handled in either civil or criminal court and include:

  • Obtaining a temporary protection order (TPO)
  • Rescinding or removing a temporary protection order (TPO)
  • Criminal defense against assault and battery charges
  • Criminal defense against stalking charges
  • Parents’ rights related to child visitation or custody
  • Divorce

Our Family Putting Your Family First

Our attorneys and our law firm make a commitment to our clients — we provide effective, reliable representation while helping you to understand the legal process. We know that domestic violence affects an entire family. Let our family help your family. Contact The Mason Law Firm, LLC, via e-mail or call 770-720-7596.