Contempt and Post-Divorce

Cherokee County Attorneys for Contempt Motions

If a party fails to abide by a term of the settlement agreement, parenting plan, or any other part of the court order, he or she may be cited for contempt and compelled to rectify the situation.

Stop wondering whether you should file a contempt motion. Let us provide you with an honest, tough assessment of your contempt case.

Canton Lawyers Who Protect Your Rights in Support Contempt Actions

In a child support contempt case, the judge is going to look at the reason why the noncustodial parent did not pay the child support amount. And, the court is going to see whether the nonpaying party did anything to obtain relief from the support obligation prior to filing for the contempt.

Be aware that a custodial parent cannot waive his or her child’s right to child support. And the court will look to how much arrearage accumulated prior to you initiating litigation. The prosecuting party should be able to defend his or her actions should he or she be called into question. Let us evaluate your case to determine whether you should proceed and whether you may be able to be awarded attorney’s fees for your expense.

Divorce Order Modifications in Cherokee County and Cobb County

Sometimes contempt actions open the litigation floodgate to other modification actions. We advise our clients on the risks associated with litigation and what may transpire should you begin the contempt litigation.

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