Mason’s Rules for Family Law

Mason’s Rules for Family Law

At The Mason Law Firm in Canton, Georgia, we provide effective, reliable representation while helping you understand the legal process. Filing for divorce, determining child custody, and other family law matters can be very difficult. Let our family help your family during your life transition, keeping the following in mind:

10 Rules for Domestic Relations Cases in Georgia

  1. Document. Document. Document. Write a journal of events. Keep a calendar of what has happened in your life, including traumatic events with your spouse or children.
  2. E-mail, Facebook, MySpace, text messages, etc. can and will be used against you.
  3. Work it out. Attempt to resolve your issues without the intervention of the Court. You will save money, time, and emotional trauma.
  4. Have a lawyer review documents before you sign. Settlement Agreements are contracts.
  5. Know your rights and obligations as a parent and spouse. Seek legal advice.
  6. Obtain your financial life on paper. Keep statements. Know your accounts and where your money goes.
  7. Unless you can prove it, it may not matter. However, proving it may lead to criminal charges.
  8. Kids are very aware of the situation. Put their needs first.
  9. Hire a lawyer who practices in the area where the case is pending.
  10. See a mental health professional if you are feeling overwhelmed by the thought of your situation.

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