Interaction Of Other Benefits With Workers’ Compensation In Georgia

When workers sustain a job-related injury, a party may also be eligible for Social Security Disability (SSD), unemployment compensation, and short-term or long-term disability benefits. However, there is a complicated way to determine what is the amount of compensation, when does compensation begin, and who is paying right now.  In order to maximize compensation and benefits, it is crucial to understand how they interact. We strive to be the best of Atlanta workers’ compensation  firms. We pride ourselves on personal representation, strong courtroom presence, and tough negotiation skills.

Social Security Disability

While SSD benefits do not affect the amount of workers’ compensation, workers’ compensation benefits might offset Social Security benefits. This only happens when a claimant’s income falls below a particular threshold. This is calculated through a complicated formula defined by the Social Security Administration.


Injured workers are eligible for unemployment, but it is important to be forthright and honest when applying for these benefits. One cannot say he or she can work at any job, because the insurance company will get hold of such records and use it to deny workers’ compensation benefits.

Short-Term And Long-Term Disability

Out of all benefits, this may be the most complex. Depending on the disability plan’s policy, the interaction between workers’ compensation and disability benefits can be immensely complicated. Certain policies pay benefits while others take credits for workers’ compensation before disbursing benefits. Other policies pay full benefits irrespective of workers’ compensation benefits.

Third-Party Claims

Third-party claims have to be carefully pursued. If a third-party claim isn’t brought in a particular time frame or it is settled in the wrong way, it can result in financial catastrophe.

Because of all the variables involved in all these different types of benefits, you need the best and toughest attorney on your team.

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