Permanent Disability

When a doctor has stated you have a permanent disability or disability rating due to your work injury,  benefits exist to cover your long-term expenses. Permanent partial disability (PPD) is often awarded as a lump sum cash settlement based on the body part that was injured. Generally, one needs to show that 10 percent of a body’s use is no longer operational.

Permanent temporary total disability (TTD), which pays indefinitely in Georgia (ending upon death), requires numerous steps to obtain medical recognition that the injury is catastrophic. It is critical you retain the best compensation attorney to help you obtain the maximum settlement or benefits.

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The Mason Law Firm, LLC  has committed itself to families of injured workers for decades. When we work on cases where permanent disabilities are part of the injury, we work that much harder. We understand how your life will not be the same. And you deserve compensation.  An on-the-job injury is hard enough. When it alters someone’s life forever, it is extremely important that he or she and his or her family are compensated accordingly.

This belief has informed our approach to these cases for decades, arriving at exceptional success. We are ready to apply it to your case if you or a loved one has been injured.

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