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Clients have depended on our family law attorneys for more than 30 years to represent them in important issues that determine family structures. Family law attorney Daniel R. Mason is knowledgeable, efficient, and realizes that when it comes to fragile family law issues, one size does not fit all.For legal representation in a family law issue, contact a Cobb County, Cherokee County, Pickens County and Bartow County family law attorney at 770-720-7596. You may also contact our Canton law office online and Daniel or Joshua Mason will call you to discuss your situation.

Educating Georgia Residents on Family Law Issues: Divorce, Child Custody, Spousal Support

When the structure of your family changes, whether through adoption or through petitioning for full custody of your child, our family law attorneys are dedicated to effectively representing clients and helping them understand the legal process. High-conflict divorce, adoption, modifications, and other family law issues can be emotionally consuming; and our clients appreciate knowing their status and what lies ahead.

Areas of family law with which we regularly assist clients include:

  • Adoption: We provide representation for step-parent adoptions, grandparent adoptions, foster parent adoptions, same-sex couple adoptions and third-party adoptions.
  • Divorce: We are skilled negotiators and litigators who focus on achieving our clients’ goals in all divorce proceedings.
  • Child custody and visitation: We represent individuals in custody actions/custody battles, including both full custody and joint custody. We also assist grandparents who seek visitation rights, help parents prevent or obtain a custody modification and draft parenting plans to submit to the court.
  • Child support: We represent individuals who are petitioning for or defending against petitions for child support, as well as help clients with legitimation and paternity actions.
  • Domestic violence: Family violence, orders for protection, restraining orders, defending women and men from TPO actions.
  • Property divisionThe equitable division of marital property can be one of the most difficult items discussed during a divorce. We will fight for your right to receive a fair share of your marital assets.
  • Post-decree modifications: We recognize that circumstances change following a divorce. Therefore, we represent individuals who need to obtain or prevent modifications of their original spousal support, alimony, child custody, and child support orders.
  • Contempt actions: Whether you need help securing alimony or child support from your ex-spouse or if you need an experienced attorney to defend your rights, we will be there to help.
  • GuardianshipsWe help individuals who seek the legal right to care for the financial, physical, and emotional well-being of another.

Please review Mason’s Rules for Family Law and call our firm today to discuss your family law needs.

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