Mediation/ADR Services in Canton, Georgia

We are not only attorneys; we are married family members with children, and we run a family-owned law firm. We understand stress and know that adding hostility to a stressful legal situation may not be in anyone’s best interest. We can be fierce litigators when needed, but we often seek to find positions of compromise and agreement. At The Mason Law Firm, we provide a comfortable, respectful atmosphere while offering strong legal advocacy. In our years of practice, our personable staff and accomplished attorneys have worked with thousands of clients, many of them returning when a new legal need arises.

We are generations of lawyers serving generations of clients.

At The Mason Law Firm, LLC, we offer alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services, including mediation and acting as a third-party neutral. Attorney Daniel Mason has been practicing law since 1984 and can offer a calming and wise influence in a number of areas of law, including business law, family law and personal injury litigation and workers’ compensation.

There are two key areas of law in which we provide ADR services:

  • Family law mediation, in which we act as a neutral mediator and work with both spouses to help them reach resolutions on child custody, division of property or other divorce-related issues.
  • Personal injury mediation, in which we work with the insurance company or other defendant and the injured party or plaintiff and help them reach an agreeable settlement for medical costs, wage los,s and other damages.

Mediation should not be confused with arbitration, which is binding.

We provide the best mediator service because we understand litigation. Many mediators do not routinely argue cases before judges or represent clients in divorce or child custody cases. We have experience with judges that some mediators do not possess.

Our mediation approach is to provide you with a nonbiased evaluation, create a list of issues that must be addressed, and work with each party to understand the emotional triggers of the other person. We will draft enforceable contracts to ensure that when you leave there is no question about the outcome of mediation.

When you are going through a divorce, you need a clear, honest assessment of your situation. We provide another opinion based upon our years of experience.

Attorney Referrals Welcome

Our Canton mediation attorneys can act as a neutral third party or mediator for your law firm. Our areas of focus are:

  • Business litigation, including contract disputes
  • Family law matters of any nature
  • Criminal matters as a form of restorative justice
  • Personal injury litigation and negotiations involving insurance providers, responsible parties and plaintiffs
  • Workers’ compensation claims, denials and appeals

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