Third-Party Claims

Workers’ compensation claims typically involve the employer and the worker who is injured. It is important to realize that workers’ compensation is what is called a “no fault” system. This means it does not matter how a worker sustained an injury; he or she is entitled to benefits regardless of fault or negligence.

In contrast, personal injury lawsuits depend on the negligence of one party. In order to win a suit, the plaintiff (in this case the injured worker) must show that the injury was sustained because of another party’s negligence.

In certain cases, particularly in auto and truck accidents, a “third party” will be part of the compensation equation; a third party that is not part of the company or workplace was negligent and caused an injury.

As mentioned above, a driver may collide with another vehicle. If that driver was negligent and caused the accident, the injured worker is entitled to the compensation of a personal injury claim.

These types of claims can be intensely complex. A third-party claim will affect workers’ compensation benefits and may affect Social Security Disability benefits as well. Failure to correctly settle these types of claims can result in financial catastrophe.

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