Truck Accident Lawyer

If your job includes making deliveries, driving a truck, bus, or car or otherwise being in a car or truck for work, it is important to note that you are covered under workers’ compensation. If you are involved in an accident while on the clock regardless of whose fault, you may be eligible for benefits that will help you recover medically and financially.

In addition, if another driver’s negligence caused the accident, you may be eligible for a third-party claim, enabling you to collect even more in compensation. Obtaining workers’ compensation benefits can be complicated enough as it is. When a third-party claim may also be involved, the situation gets even more complicated. Because of the complexity of these cases, a lawyer is almost always an ideal and indispensable asset.

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Woodstock Truck Accidents Attorney

If you have been hurt while driving or being a passenger  in a car, truck or bus accident, our family is here for you. We are prepared to put our decades of experience to work in any auto or truck accident case, including:

  • Semitruck accidents
  • Delivery truck accidents and delivery van accidents
  • Accidents involving heavy equipment operators
  • Accidents involving food delivery service vehicles
  • Transportation accidents, including bus and taxi accidents
  • Head-on collisions.

It is crucial to take the proper steps to ensure you are properly protected from financial devastation. Reach out to us at your earliest availability, and we can help you obtain the compensation to which you are entitled.