Whom To See After An Accident In Georgia

If you have been injured in a work-related accident, there are several steps that you must follow if you pursue workers’ compensation benefits. Strictly speaking, there are three parties that you must see following an accident:

A work supervisor: You must inform your supervisor of the injury immediately. Failure to do so may cause the insurance company or employer to successfully deny benefits .

An authorized physician: You must seek treatment from an authorized physician. The employer is obligated to post a list of doctors in the break room or somewhere else accessible to the employees. Failure to go to an approved doctor, too, may result in disqualification from workers’ compensation eligibility. Be honest and specific. Don’t underplay or overplay your injury, the pain you are experiencing, or how the pain has impacted your life.

A workers’ compensation attorney: Do not make the mistake of believing everything will be okay if you play nice and do not get an attorney. All too often insurance companies, adjusters, and employers are looking out for their own motives – namely the bottom line. These parties are not interested in paying out benefits or ensuring the well-being of workers. Depending on the actions of the employer and insurance company, a case can take any number of directions, many of which can be immensely complicated.

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